Sunday, May 12, 2013

About the blog

+ Space interiors is a lifestyle blog aimed to inspire elements of positivity both inside and out. The blog was created in 2013 as an extension of my passion for interior design. The term positive space, in field of interior design, refers to the objects that fill the space itself.  In addition to this passion, I strive to surround myself with peace and positivity in every facet of life. And yes, I am completely aware that life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine – but it’s the sunshine that helps us find our way. So why not take a moment to enjoy even the simplest pleasures? You’d be amazed at the positive impacts they can make.

I also believe, like many, that the best things in life are not tangible. But it’s the things that simply make life a bit more fun!  I am passionate about life and those around me. My aim is not to be one dimensional but rather to fill this space with upbeat inspirations. I am one voice, expressing one opinion, hoping to connect with many. + Space interiors, the blog, will also apply features of design and style which fuel my passion. Fashion, interiors, music, food, and whatever else inspires me at the moment will be shared here.

I want to thank all of the people in my life who, on a daily basis, continue to provide me with positive support and encouragement while reminding me to just be me. Cheers!