Monday, May 27, 2013

influence and inspiration

It is interesting. It is unique. It's literally a happy chair! North Carolina creator, Shawna Robinson, has taken being positive to a completely different level with her chair designs. Shawna’s happy chairs are one of a kind custom works of art and functionality. They are created with such style they can’t help but bring about positive emotion. An inspiration can, and did in this case, turn a passion into a career. It sometimes even happens without intention.


What is it about flowers that they have the ability to change someone’s mood for the better? Whether a gift or a treat bought for one’s self, flowers in some way seem to instantly bring about a smile. They can be cheery, bold, sophisticated, exotic, and so much more! So why not charge yourself with conducting an act of kindness and send flowers to someone just because. You’d be amazed at the positive impact you could make to their day.

And it will! Make the most of each day while remembering to laugh and smile every chance you get. Doing so can actually cause you to change your perspective and ultimately may even change the outcome. Enjoy every moment and be open to the possibilities. Cheers!